Millbrook raises money direct from investors and provides loans to property developers and other property-based borrowers through the Millbrook Mortgage Find and the Millbrook Income Fund.

General FAQ

We provide you with a summary for each proposed investment and ask that you sign an Approval Form (unless you have elected to use our Investor Trust Deposit facility).  The information provided to investors regarding a Sub Scheme is:
  • Commencement date of the investment.
  • The amount of your investment.
  • Total Loan advance.
  • Loan Period.
  • Interest rate payable to you.
  • Frequency of interest payments.
  • Borrower’s name and assessment of creditworthiness.
  • Details of Sub Scheme Property.
  • Amount, method and date of valuation of Sub Scheme Property, and LVR.
  • Mortgage details, including ranking, and details of any other security.
  • Insurance details.
  • Details of the basis and frequency of interest rate reviews (if any).
You will also receive:
  • Monthly interest statements;
  • Annual Tax Statements; and
  • Information concerning new Sub Scheme offers.
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No application fees, withdrawal fees or ongoing fees or charges are payable by Members if the Sub Scheme loan runs to maturity without default.

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No, there is no cooling-off period. Upon allocation of your funds to a Sub Scheme, there is no cooling off period and you have no right to withdraw from a Sub Scheme. However, participants in our Investor Trust Deposit sub-scheme allow us to allocate their funds to mortgage investments on the basis they can opt out of the investment providing they advise us accordingly within 10 days of the investment being made.

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You can invest by downloading a Product Disclosure Statement or Information Memorandum for the Fund you wish to invest in (see the applicable Fund page on this site or go to our Download Page). That document will include an application form which needs to be completed and forwarded to us with the required identification. Our staff will then guide you through the process of selecting investments and depositing your funds into that investment.

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Investment in Millbrook Mortgage Fund is open to individuals, companies, trusts and superannuation funds, and any other form of legal entity operating in Australia.

Investment in the Millbrook Income Fund is ONLY OPEN TO WHOLESALE AND SOPHISTICATED INVESTORS as defined by the Corporations Act. For practical purposes, this means:

For practical purposes, this means:

  • You must invest $500,000 or more with us, or
  • You must provide a qualified accountant’s certificate that is not more than 2 years old, evidencing that you satisfy one of the following tests:
    – You have net assets of at least $2.5 million
    – You have a gross income for each of the last 2 financial years of at least $250,000.
Category: General FAQ

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