How does it work

This is the most common question we get asked and while our formal disclosure documents and other information on this page set out the investment process in detail, the following is a simplified explanation.

  • You complete an application to become a Fund member and discuss your investment preferences with one of our staff. There is no cost to join or invest.
  • You remit your money to us. This earns interest at the initial return agreed to with us from the date your funds are received by us.
  • We confirm your investment by way of a Mortgage Certificate
  • Your initial rate of return is fixed for the first 12 months following investment, after which it reverts to the current Pooled Option return. Each month we will pay you the agreed rate of interest. The rate applicable to the Pooled Option is determined by us from time to time and any reduction in return will be advised to you and not take effect for a period of 90 days following that advice. The current rate paid by the Pooled Option can be found on this website or on your monthly interest statement.
  • You can withdraw your investment subject to 90 days written notice to us and the Pooled Option sub-scheme having sufficient liquidity. If there is insufficient liquidity, we will endeavour to manage the sub-scheme’s cash flow to ensure as far as possible that liquidity is sufficient to meet redemption requests. As liquidity becomes available, outstanding redemption requests will be met in the order in which they are received.
  • You receive an annual statement of interest received for tax purposes.
  • You can request a statement of your account from us at any time.