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Millbrook Group is a non-bank lender providing innovative financial solutions on real estate. We offer above average returns for investors and look to build long term relationships based on trust.

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Company background

Millbrook Finance Pty Ltd

Millbrook Finance, established in 2005, specialises in lending to property developers and builders by way of caveat and second mortgages. Many years of experience in the property development industry has permitted Millbrook’s principal, David Lyall, to effectively manage the risk associated with this type of lending. Personally meeting each and every borrower, and inspecting the proposed security have been instrumental in risk mitigation. Funds under management stand at $20M.

Millbrook Mortgage Management Ltd

In 2017 Millbrook purchased AF&L First Mortgages Ltd and its associated registered retail contributory mortgage scheme. This company had been in existence since 2007 with $17M of funds under management at the time of purchase.

The company and scheme were renamed Millbrook Mortgage Management Ltd and the Millbrook Mortgage Fund. Since being acquired funds under management have more tripled and now stands at $45M.

Millbrook Funds Pty Ltd

In early 2019 Millbrook purchased Secura Funds Ltd and an associated unregistered contributory mortgage scheme funded exclusively by wholesale and sophisticated investors. These entities were subsequently renamed Millbrook Funds Pty Ltd and the Millbrook Income Fund

Millbrook Funds lends on first and second mortgages, specialising in loans for property development and construction. While this type of lending comes with greater risk, the Fund’s investments are actively sought by sophisticated investors who understand that risk and seek the higher yield it generates. Millbrook’s management team have a proven track record and appropriate skills to manage that risk.

The Fund was established in 2011 and currently has funds under management of $50M.