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Perpetual Corporate Trust now also appointed as Custodian for Millbrook Income Fund


We are pleased to announce that Perpetual Corporate Trust Ltd are now also officially appointed as Custodians for our Millbrook Income Fund (for both Select and Enhanced Options).

“Perpetual has also been Custodian for our retail fund, Millbrook Credit Fund, for the last six months and for which our partnership has been going exceptionally well,” said David Lyall, Managing Director of Millbrook Group. “As part of our continual improvements they have been playing a pivotal role in enhancing our ability to deliver the highest standards of security and transparency for our investors.”

Perpetual are the leading provider of corporate trustee services to the managed funds industry and debt markets in Australia, and are renowned for their expertise and capabilities in providing custody and wholesale trustee services.

To address any queries from this change we have prepared a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). We encourage all our stakeholders to review these Millbrook Income Fund custodian FAQs.

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